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Polygon – Logistics Consultancy

Polygon only deploy partners and associates who have extensive industry based experience, coupled with excellent analytical and business management skills. This enables us to develop pragmatic and flexible solutions to increase our clients' effectiveness and return real value to the bottom line.

We believe in collaborative consultancy and we view our role as Development Partners, working closely with client teams to achieve success.

Our experience allows us to rapidly assimilate information, draw on our pool of knowledge and quickly identify key issues enabling us to respond with solutions that have a proven pedigree and well established benefits.
We recognise the importance of client confidentiality and maintaining competitive advantage. We utilise in-house design skills to ensure assignment integrity. Our knowledge of the supplier base gives us a valuable insight enabling us to motivate suppliers to deliver the best most competitive solutions.

Polygon delivers exceptional design and evaluation expertise enhanced by our own OPERA* business tool to assist and accelerate analysis and decision making, to rapidly move the project on to the next stage.

*Operations, Performance, Evaluation and Resource Analysis

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